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"I really like the jams all over this album.  Collectively, I hear a lot of Steely Dan, ELP, Cheap Trick, blues and a lot of other rock influences sneaking in all over the place.  There is clearly a lot of talent within the band.


The songs were catchy  and I listened to the album twice through in the first sitting without finding any desire to skip to the next song at any point.


From a production standpoint, I really liked the flanger you put on the drums.  This is something you just don’t hear enough these days!" 


"Wow...Jeff Beck and the YES group rolled into one mammoth wall of stimulating and refulgent sound...I am now a huge fan..."


"Very impressive sounding and excellent playing all around.  Great bass sound, punchy but not abusive.  Man, Chris sure can play..."


"You helped me realize what I need to do more of...stop, do nothing, and listen to an album (at least 2 times).  I did that tonight.  Hedgehog and the Fox is awesome."


"Tull meets Dregs meets ELP meets UFO meets Zappa meets....Chris Herman and the gang deliver.  Buy it."


"...The Love and the Danger leaves me wanting more."


"Hedgehog & the Fox accomplish more in 32+ minutes than a lot of bands do in a career.  ****4/5 stars"


"The production is a cornucopia of 60's and 70's rock.  From phase shifting drum solos, to backwards guitar solos, to psychedelic sitar effects, to tape coming to a sudden stop, the effects are complimentary, not distracting."


"It's a journey, though, thankfully, nothing like Journey."

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